It's impossible to remember Juliet without thinking about her love of music. Guitar lessons as a kid. Chorus in high school. On stage at New York coffeehouses in college. And finally singing Cole Porter tunes to Abby as lullabies. Juliet loved to sing. She would sing at the drop of a hat... and even give you the hat.

Unfortunately, Juliet didn't record herself singing.  She meant to — she bought the tape recorder and the tapes to do it — but she ran out of time.  However, there is this one cassette Juliet made for Abby to listen to at bedtime when Juliet was away in the hospital.  Here are a few songs from that tape: 
Juliet Singing for Abby

When I met Juliet back in 1984, one of her fantasies was to become a rock & roll star. (Another fantasy was to marry Bruce Springsteen... but that's another story.)  She had the words and guitar music to hundreds of songs that she had gathered over the years. She used to sing entire sets of songs for her mother's high school classes. She sang in coffeehouses when she went to Barnard.  And she sang for friends and family, on holidays or just for fun.  Juliet wrote these two setlists when she was in the hospital.  One is a list of the songs she might have sung back in her Barnard College days. The other is a list of songs she would have sung if she were performing as an adult in her 30's.

Two setlists: 1981 and 1996

One can only imagine that Juliet would have had Abby singing union protest songs if she had lived long enough. Here is a video I shot when Abby was only a couple of months old and Juliet was introducing her to The Beatles. (Interestingly enough, at age 7, Abby asked me to get her the Beatles 1 CD.)
Abby Meets The Beatles, 1994

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