Juliet made a huge impression on everyone...students, friends, family... sometimes now even strangers who happen upon this site and read about her for the first time. Remember her.

Leave it to Juliet to turn something as mundane and silly as a facial
into something fun and glamorous.

Here's a poem I wrote about Juliet long before there was a cancer. It sums up how I always felt about her. She was one of a kind.

Never the Likes of You

Let's get the death stuff out of the way so that we can get on to more interesting things about Juliet's life. Here is the obituary that ran for Juliet in The Boston Globe:

Juliet's Obituary

When Juliet died, I just couldn't call everyone she knew and I knew. After the memorial service, I wrote this announcement, which I sent to folks who might not have heard the news.

Mailing to distant friends (PDF)

At her request, Juliet's ashes were scattered in Central Park in New York City.  On the northwest side of the park, at around 106th Street, there is an entrance to Central Park that leads up to the Great Hill.  On the east side of the Great Hill, there is a single path that splits into two.  Juliet’s ashes were spread beneath a large tree just there at that path.

Motherhood. Being someone's mother — being Abby's mommy — wasn't something Juliet wrote a lot about... at least not in things she left behind with me. But it really was everything to her, even before the cancer came along and changed everything. She wanted to be a mother so much it hurt. And once Abby entered our lives and Juliet finally was a mother, she was a terrific one:

Juliet as a mother

That's Juliet with our good friends, Marj and Mike, out for dim sum in
Boston's Chinatown one Sunday in June of 1994.

Some of Juliet's friends wrote to her before she died, trying to tell her what she had meant to their lives. Others wrote letters to me and Abby after Juliet died. Here are a few excerpts from those letters:

Memories from Friends

Juliet's students also shared how they felt about Juliet as a teacher, mentor, and friend. The first of these excerpts was an essay about Juliet — written over a year before she died — that a student wrote for his English class. The assignment? Tell the class about your hero.

Memories from Students

I put this website together back in 1998. At the time, I hoped that everyone who knew Juliet would eventually find the site and stop by. Better yet, I hope that they could tell us all a Juliet story. If you have something to add, please write me.

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